About The Connector People®

Congratulations! You've found the largest connector inventory in the world! Welcome to our site. We are NTI-The Connector People®.

With over 100,000 connector SKU's in inventory and over three decades of technical experience, we are pleased to offer you the broadest possible inventory of name brand commercial connectors along with top-notch engineering support. We currently stock over 300 different manufacturers.

Looking for hard-to-find, obsolete and discontinued connectors? Call us... You'll be surprised by our stock levels. Tired of long lead-times? We stock what we sell and are able to ship most items immediately.

Our ability to cross-reference connectors between different manufacturers is second to none! Even if we don't have your exact connector, chances are good that we'll be able to provide an in-stock solution.

The following list represents just a sampling of our inventory...

AMP(Tyco), 3M, JST, Augat, Molex, Panduit (ITW), Samtec, Cinch, Berg(FCI), Amphenol, Foxconn, Cannon, T&B Ansley, Robinson-Nugent, Methode.

Please call us for all of your connector requirements. Or... Call to sell us your connector surplus. We look forward to working with you in either case.

Thanks again for your time and interest!

NTI-The Connector People®